The "Live the Good Life" podcast has launched Episode 8:  Great NW Winemakers - Interview with Bart Fawbush.

Episode 8 available now!

Episode 8

The “Live the Good Life” podcast has launched Episode 8:  Great NW Winemakers – Interview with Bart Fawbush.  “Live the Good Life” is an Audio/Video Podcast focused on all things “The Good Life”. In Episode 8 of “Live the Good Life”, Host Aaron Diaz interviews Bart Fawbush, owner and Winemaker of Bartholomew Winery in Kennewick, Washington.  Bart is one of the Pacific Northwest’s best and most innovative winemakers.  He brings a unique approach and philosophy to winemaking in Washington State.  Bartholomew Winery is located in the Columbia Gardens Wine & Artisan Village, in Kennewick.

Bart often uses little-known varietals (specific wine grapes) to craft his unique and delicious wine offerings.  I’ve been enjoying Bart’s wines for years and what is always so impressive is that regardless of the wine you choose, the quality is fantastic and the price is unbelievably reasonable!  Bart is as much artist as he is scientist when it comes to his craft.  Tune in and join me on the “Live the Good Life” Podcast as we get to know Bart Fawbush and learn about his winemaking approach, his fantastic line-up of wines and his plans for the future.

Thank you for listening, and remember, wherever you go, whenever you can, always live the good life! – Until next time….

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Episodes are published bi-weekly and for those who enjoy QR Codes, they are also provided in this post.  We’ll talk about everything from grilling the most succulent steaks to drinking the finest wines. From smoking the smoothest cigars to enjoying the best libations.  It’s basically all here at our fingertips.  Occasionally I will interview winemakers, chefs and cigar aficionados.  We’ll interview musicians, baristas, and experts representing every niche of the Good Life in order to learn new things and stimulate your thinking about how to live the Good Life.  We hope you can join us by tuning in to Episode 8 and subscribing today!  Cheers from AWC!

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