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Aaron’s Wine Chronicles was spawned by my love and passion for wine.  The Pacific Northwest wine industry is diverse and constantly evolving.  AWC covers this evolution and the associated aspects that wine brings to our lives.  I have studied wine (to some degree) and enjoyed wine from various areas around the world for many years.  I collect wines and wine paraphernalia.

AWC focuses on engaging wine industry experts from across the Pacific Northwest to advertise, support and promote the outstanding wines being produced in our region.  AWC was created to share my passion and love for wine with others via this website and blog.  Recently I launched Aaron’s Wine Chronicles, “Live the Good Life” Podcast!  We focus on all things “The Good Life” and there’s lots of wine & food content on the podcast as well.

Finally, while my engagements are initially focused on the Pacific Northwest wine industry, expansion is inevitable!  AWC plans to cover other wine regions outside the Pacific Northwest, including Central and Southern California.  Also, new wine horizons developing both domestically and internationally are always of interest.

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Aaron’s Wine Chronicles

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AWC utilizes personal engagements, online and social media venues to provide its readers and followers with information about wine.  AWC also supports and promotes the Pacific Northwest Wine Industry.  Wine reviews, promotions and rankings can be as general or specific as desired.  AWC will create tasting notes, and provide specific review documentation and wine rankings as well.  You can also find AWC on Facebook and Instagram!  For more information about my wine Review Process click here.

The Good Life

The Good Life