Episode 3: Coffee & Espresso - Interview with Jake Shupe (Barracuda Coffee Co.), has been published on the "Live the Good Life" Podcast!

Episode 3 available now!

Episode 3

The “Live the Good Life” podcast has launched Episode 3: Coffee & Espresso – Interview with Jake Shupe (Barracuda Coffee Co.).  “Live the Good Life” is an Audio/Video Podcast focused on all things “The Good Life”.  The topic of Episode 3 is an interview with Jake Shupe.  Jake is the owner and head barista at Barracuda Coffee Company in Richland, WA.  A key component for any “Good-Lifer” is starting our day with a coffee or espresso-based drink in the morning.  We take our java seriously.  In this episode, host Aaron Diaz discusses all things coffee and espresso with small business owner and expert barista Jake Shupe.  The analogies to wine are incredible and the depth and complexity of our deep dive into the world of coffee is uplifting.  We will help you appreciate your morning cup of java that much more!

How to Access the Podcast

The official website for this podcast is: https://livethegoodlife.buzzsprout.com. For more of “Live the Good Life”, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook at aaronswinechronicles.  Or online at https://www.aaronswinechronicles.com.  For a video-podcast version of this episode, visit my YouTube channel at: @aaronswinechronicles6666.

Additionally, you’ll find us on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, Google Podcasts and iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and YouTube as well as many more directories.

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What is “Live the Good Life”?

Episodes are published bi-weekly and for those who enjoy QR Codes, they are also provided in this post.  We’ll talk about everything from grilling the most succulent steaks to drinking the finest wines. From smoking the smoothest cigars to enjoying the best libations.  It’s basically all here at our fingertips.  Occasionally I will interview winemakers, chefs and cigar aficionados.  We’ll interview musicians, baristas, and experts representing every niche of the Good Life in order to learn new things and stimulate your thinking about how to live the Good Life.  We hope you can join us by tuning in to Episode 3 and subscribing today!  Cheers from AWC!

Aaron Diaz