A Day in Paterson

On Saturday July 27th, I was in the mood for wine & great views in Paterson.  My wife was again busy with photo shoots, so I drove solo and paid a visit to Columbia Crest and Alexandria Nicole’s Destiny Ridge Vineyard tasting room.  It was a beautiful day!

At Columbia Crest, the Reserve tasting provided an opportunity to try a Malbec, a Grenache and a Red Blend, but I really enjoyed the higher-end Malbec that was not on the list that they let me try at the end.  In a side-by-side with the 2015 Reserve Malbec, this wine was a league above!  It was simply delicious!  However, it was the 2014 Reserve Riesling Ice Wine that really captured my palate as I knew it would pair perfectly with a great cigar!  So I walked away with a bottle of that dessert wine for later.

At Alexandria Nicole I really loved the views on this blue sky day.  The vineyards looked lush and the Tiny Vineyard Guest Houses were really enticing!  As I rounded the corner to enter the tasting room I was greeted by Matt (who I normally see in the Prosser Tasting room).  Therron and Matt treated me like a king, and I enjoyed a really diverse list of wines to taste.  They are great tasting hosts and always a pleasure to chat with.  I left with a bottle of the 2015 Alderdale Cabernet Sauvignon…which was drinking really nicely!

Aaron Diaz