The Day After July 4th

The Friday after the 4th of July was a great day to celebrate Red Mountain!  The adventure started with Col Solare, where Lisa, Mitzi, Felicia and the New Guy (unfortunately I forgot his name) provided me with an outstanding tasting.  The 2016 Shining Hill, the 2013 and 2015 Cabernet Sauvignons, and the Component Collection 2015 Cabernet Franc!  All unique and delicious!

The next stop was Fidelitas.  Alexandra was there to greet me, and a bit later, King Bryce Appleby graced my presence in the tasting room.  As I walk in, the first bottle that catches my eye is the 2017 Late Harvest Semillon.  I immediately got a taste of this elixir, and it was damn delicious!  Out of this world.  The perfect dessert wine to pair with a cigar.  So I bought a case of this nectar of the Gods!  After a glass of the Quintessence Cab, I mounted my horse and rode down the hill to my next stop.  I never question my decision to taste at Fidelitas.  Ever.

Entering Frichette Boulevard, Shae was chatting with some visitors outside and Greg (and Kathy) were hosting some guests inside.  Being so excited about the Fidelitas Semillon, I broke out a bottle and handed it to Greg.  I know he and Shae will enjoy this little gem.  So I start what I “think” is a routine tasting of some of my favorite wines on Red Mountain, when I am made aware of the fact that Shae just released her 2017 Sashay Cabernet Sauvignon!  This baby is really nice and very approachable right now.  It appears the competition has begun.  Watch out GregShae’s coming to get you…and the real winners are the Frichette wine lovers!!!  So I left with two bottles of this Cab and had to grab a fortified (port-style) Red Zin as well.

The final tasting room stop of the day was Double Canyon.  And if you love Cabernet Sauvignon, then this is the place for you.  Carlos Treviño treated me like a king!  I ended up walking away with a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon that was simply amazing.  Always a good decision to partake of these wines!

As I’m headed home with my truck full of wine “booty”…my brother calls and invites me to have some food and smoke a cigar.  Low and behold I tell him I have the perfect late harvest Semillon to go with our cigars.  Once he tried it, he was sold!  It was a great day all around.  And guess what?  It’s only Friday.  I have Saturday and Sunday left for more wine Escapades!  Tomorrow Gabby and I will visit Victor Palencia’s new Bodega in West Richland, right across the street from Double Canyon.  Then on Sunday my wife and I will spend the day in Walla Walla tasting some really delicious wines.  So stay tuned….this weekend has only just begun!  Cheers!!

Aaron Diaz